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Dynamic Configuration Toolkit

Change Log


DConfig-1.2.1-release (Released Date 27-NOV-2007)      

Integrated struts / yui ajax example into webdemo project. Now JSF, Struts / Yahoo UI ajax, and plain JSP examples can be accessed through a single dconfig-webdemo.war file.

1819734 Show inherited info in DConfigReader/Writer JSP demo.
1819736 Add links between JSF demo and DConfigReader/Writer JSP demo.
1834173 Add yui ajax request support.
1839996 Integrate struts / yui ajax example into webdemo project.

Bug Fixes:
1823131 Remove Auto Refresh check box from JSF web demo.
1823133 Remove servlet.jar from web demo deployment package.

DConfig-1.2-release (Released Date 22-OCT-2007)      

DConfig-1.2 released with attribute inheritance core feature, plus a new DConfigReader / DConfigWriter JSP Web Demo.

1813617 Add search option to include inherited attributes.
1813623 DConfigWriter can write data into cache.
1816686 Create new DConfigWriter free style method for data writing.
1817237 Add DConfigReader, DConfigWriter jsp samples.
1818051 Add clear button in dconfigReaderWriter.jsp page.
1818055 Combine write data and refresh array elements in dconfigReaderWriter web demo.

Bug Fixes:
1814310 DConfigReader should handler inherited attribute.

DConfig-1.2-beta2 (Released Date 11-OCT-2007)      

Implemented in-place Tree Cell editing for check box node; Use custom attribute inheritance image for check box.

1796324 Add inheritance icon on tree node for view mode.
1810333 Start tree cell editing for more than 2 mouse clicks.
1811202 Attribute inheritance use custom check box image.
1811927 Update sql scripts to include inheritance sample data.

Bug Fixes:
1807204 Click check box of node goes to label editing mode.
1807205 Tree cell editor should be in-place.

DConfig-1.2-beta1 (Released Date 30-SEPT-2007)      

Implemented attribute inheritance. Select the check box on the left of a tree node to inherit all attribute from the tree node's parent node. Inherited atrributes are marked by a '*' in the '#' attribute column. An attribute with same name as the inherited attribute overrides inherited attribute.

1746329 Implement attribute inheritance on GUI Editor and library.
1757952 Add overwrite warning on existing file when do export.
1787477 Added short cut key (mnemonic) to value editor dialog.
1787478 Add Escape key handler to all dialogs.
1788612 Implement Wrapper interface to allow compile under JDK 6.0.
1796319 Add checkbox on tree node for update mode.
1797601 Update dconfig-lib to handle inheritance.
1798414 Update table view to show attributes inherited.
1799968 Update import / export to handle inherited info.
1802315 Not allow to delete inherited attributes.
1802316 Not allow to rename inherited attributes.

Bug Fixes:
1791693 Press Escape on String Editor should cancel any change.

DConfig-1.1-release (Released Date 4-SEPT-2007)      

1783758 Add h2 database as one of the standard databases supported.

Bug Fixes:
1783058 Attribute table should allow only one selection at a time.
1783071 Drag a node to ancestors does not get the node removed.
1783757 Drag and Drop does not work for JRE 6.0.
1786518 Cut a tree node like delete a tree node.
1786519 Table view is not get updated after a drop.
1786521 Set proper tree node selection after drag & drop.

DConfig-1.1-beta2 (Released Date 27-AUG-2007)      

1717376 Enable Drag & Drop on tree.
1758274 Add DConfigWriter primary attribute write methods.
1768903 Add SQL Scripts for H2 Database.
1782600 Add h2 database embedded mode support.

Bug Fixes:
1762424 Show warning message exit Driver Manager with unsaved data.
1782588 Display h2 dirver classes failed in GUI editor.

DConfig-1.1-beta1 (Released Date 20-JUL-2007)      

1714643 Added custom JDBC driver entry in Driver Manager window.
1750107 Added DConfigWriter class.
1750120 Added examples to use DConfigWriter in webdemo.
1751641 Added new line in import / export file.
1752395 Added Search on Comments optional in DConfig GUI Editor.
1753250 DConfigWriter class should take array with null elements.

DConfig-1.0-release (Released Date 20-JUN-2007)      

1746326 Added stand-alone ui-jnlp downloadable deployment package, dconfig-ui-jnlp.war. Added demo link in webdemo.
Removed dconfig-web sub-project.

DConfig-1.0-beta2 (Released Date 22-APR-2007)      

Enhancement on dconfig-webdemo.
Added attribute, key Copy / Paste functionalities.

DConfig-1.0-beta1 (Released Date 2-FEB-2007)      

Initial beta release with dconfig-lib, dconfig-ui, dconfig-db, dconfig-webdemo, dconfig-web sub-projects.
Implemented DConfig GUI Editor with the following features:
    Create new keys, attributes.
    Rename a key or an attribute.
    Remove a key and all of ots child keys and their attributes.
    Remove an attribute.
    Search items by key name, attribute name, attribute value; Forward or backward serach.
    Import / Export.
    View mode and update mode toggle switch.
    JDBC Driver Manager.
    Database Connectiuon Wizard.
    Single value, logn text value, array value editors.